A campaigning cruise down the Rochdale Nine when it was privately owned. 1976.

Before we had some water, a chap leaned out of a window and said “You are going to need wheels on that! “

This was Thursday 24th September 1976. A day etched in our memory . We arrived at Dale Street at the top of the 9 locks down through Manchester, to find there was very little water in the lock, and only a trickle in the pound below. The Rochdale Canal Company we’re reluctant to supply us with water and even offered to buy back our licence. However, we had arranged for a reporter from the Daily Telegraph to attend which rather forced their hand. So they flushed us down the locks, one by one, which entailed two excursions into the water to remove debris, including a metal plate stuck between the bottom gates. However 6 hours later we arrived at Castlefield. This was despite the restoration work which had taken place in 1974. But hey, they were good times!

We were centre spread, Daily Telegraph

Published by Mikeyeman

Married 50 years, worked all my life as an Optician. Two daughters. Due to retire sometime, it will be the 5th attempt. Canals have always been a passion and we have worked on them and cruised on them. Now need our own oat to finish the remaining 50 % we have not seen. Other interests are family, cricket, photography, garden, Rotary and socialising.

3 thoughts on “A campaigning cruise down the Rochdale Nine when it was privately owned. 1976.

  1. I’ve walked those bits of canal which pass through central Manchester, but never been through on a narrowboat with a press team on hand!


    1. Thanks, It was an interesting, and looking back, slightly dangerous experience. The couple on the other boat were on honeymoon! Any comments on the site? Regards Mike


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